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    The Best Revenge

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Ben's New Single


Free download for Wimberley Communities.

Dear Friends  
I'd like you to know this.

Gadugi (Cherokee:ᎦᏚᎩ) is a term used in the Cherokee language which means "working together" or "cooperative labor" within a community.

Historically, the word referred to a labor gang, of men and/or women, working together for projects such as harvesting crops or tending to gardens of elderly or infirm tribal members. The word Gadugi was derived from the Cherokee word for "bread", which is Gadu.

You and the good people of Wimberley, TX embody the spirit of Gadugi. Your remarkable gestures of community is a great inspiration to the whole world who is watching on mass media.

Thank you!
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About the song "Gadugi"
Written on the movie set in Tahlequah, Oklahoma (Capital of the Cherokee Nation) for fellow actors and friends working on the award winning feature film "The Cherokee Word for Water".

Ben Livingston, Vocals and guitar
Bill Browder, Baritone Guitar
Featuring The Rawson Saunders 5th grade choir 
Recorded by Layton DePenning, Austin, TX

"The Best Revenge"   

© 2014 Ben Livingston


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Ben Livingston - Vocals & Tenor Guitar

Bill Browder - Electric  Guitar

Glenn Fukunaga - Upright Bass

John Hagen - Cello

Layton DePenning - Engineer - Elmo's Lab

Denny Bruce - Producer & Spiritual Guide