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    01 Trust Your Equipment 4:04

    Trust Your Equipment

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    03 Walking to San Antonio 3:38

    Trust Your Equipment

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    Somewhere Down This Road 5:17

    Trust Your Equipment

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    It's all Water 5:07

    Trust Your Equipment

  5. Dirge of a Bastard Tuvan 1:43

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    Evil Spirits 3:33

    Trust Your Equipment

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    Volcano Tornado 3:58

    Trust Your Equipment

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    Smart Fools from Art Schools 5:49

    Trust Your Equipment

  9. 11-11 Elevator Ride (Tribute to Baje)

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The Band

Ben Livingston - Lead vocals, Tuvan style throat singing, kazoo, acoustic guitar and rippin' electric guitar intro solo on "Evil Spirits".


Bill Browder - Electric/acoustic lead guitar, piano, synthesizer, voice -over characters on Golfers are Fat, Smart Fools and 11:11, harmony vocals 


Eddie Cantu - Drums

Mike Rieman - Bass


John Hagen - Cello


Richard Bowden - Fiddle


Riley Osborn - Piano on Smart Fools from Art Schools


Layton DePenning - Harmony vocals 


Bob Livingston -

"Yip" vocals on Smart Fools from Art Schools.



Jazz - DJ vocals on 11:11, from MCOT Radio 99.75 - 

Surin, Thailand







Recorded at Elmo's Lab

Engineered by Layton DePenning 

Mastered by Bob Olhsson 

Produced by Bill Browder and Ben Livingston

 Graphics Guru - Mary Warner


Special Credits 

Patricia Elias

Polly Lou Livingston

Madeline O'Connor

Terry Allen

Spike Jones

The "Do-Gooder" Cafe

Snake Island

Michael Christian

Stephanie "Lemon Drop" Todd

Dianne Scott

George Reiff

Mickey & Sylvia

Mary Warner

Phil Vitek

WF coffee people photos by Bill Bruzy

Bo Tucker

Allen Kirsch & Musicmakers

Steve McCreary, Dick Dubois and Collings Guitars

Paul Sabal

Kevin Jordan

Walter Brennan


Joe Rubin

Jeremy Roberts (NZ) 

Popeye + Olive and a drunken sailor.

A Texas sized thanks to you- my Mishpoka Grande’

(you know who you are!)

This CD was made with pride in Austin, Texas All songs written by Ben Livingston (p)
 © 2010 Ben Livingston. All rights reserved.